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The Statesmen 19.11.10
Track 15 : "So whats ya fate" on "Drama to the finish" - the long awaited Karsniogenics release from The Statesmen. The Statesmen are Sean B and Dj DCE.
Diary of a Madman 13.03.06
Track 4 : "Nuthin to Us" featuring Matty B and Ken Oath on Choppers Album, "Interview With a Madman". The CD also featured such artists as Necro (US), Lotek (UK) and many Aussie hiphop artists.
Home Made Ep 04.04.05
Track 3 : "Cough Up" on the Miss Brown EP "Home Made". This 5 track long awaited EP also featured production from Lazy Grey, DJ Dce and Dave V.
Lifestyles 14.03.05
Track 19: "The Signal"on the Lifestyles - Grade 1 Compilation. All the proceeds from the CD went to "Here for Life" Youth Suicide Prevention Charity. The CD was put together by Brisbane producer Dave V.
SFTA2 30.08.04
Track 6: "Seriously (remixed) " featuring Sean B on "Straight from the Art 2" - Compilation.
Launderd Beats

I produced 5 tracks on 'Launderd Beats' which was a project put together by myself and dj dce featuring mc's - Brothers Stoney, Miss Brown, One Too Many, Seany B and Town Drunxxx...and some additional cuts from Complex.

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